Marc LeMay

Marc is collaborating with Derek Crescenti composing an original score for his group work.

Photo by David R. Garrett

Marc LeMay (b. Birmingham, AL, 1982) is a composer, arranger, guitarist, and teacher currently living and working in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he recently earned his Master of Arts in Composition from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.

Marc writes with a spirit of ecstasy, intensity, and indulgence. His music has been performed throughout the United States, including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, and Birmingham. He has recently received commissions from cellists Paul Dwyer and Craig Hultgren.

Marc regularly collaborates with other artists on interdisciplinary projects, most recently with choreographers Austin Selden and Derek Crescenti, theatre directors Jim Manganello and Kacie Smith, and singer-songwriter Steven Lamphear. His goal with such projects is to foster a spirit of creativity and innovation that extends beyond the ambition of a single creator.

As a performer, Marc has played guitar and mandolin in a variety of settings, from musical theatre and the classical concert stage to jazz clubs and coffee shops. He also occasionally conducts his own music.

Marc has studied composition with Bright Sheng, Erik Santos, Michael Angell, and Ronald Clemmons. He is currently completing commissions and collaborative projects as a freelance composer, and will be pursuing doctoral studies in Composition next Fall.

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